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WordSpring ’16: Jeremy Gerrard Riffs on Musical Creativity

Traveling and playing songs that we’ve created allows us to put something into others’ worlds that wasn’t there before, and we get to put something into our world that wasn’t there before. Considering the art, the hospitality and support, the camaraderie, the simplicity, and the freedom that all paint the touring picture, I think it’s humanity at its best. Continue reading

Kathryn Gessner: ‘With Poetry, There is Joy’

by Chloe Butcher Kathryn Gessner will be a poetry workshop leader at the Wordfire 2014 creative writing conference at Butte College, Saturday, April 26. She received her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas, and then moved to the west coast to become a teacher at Shasta College. Gessner’s poetry has appeared in … Continue reading

Summer: A Time for Inspiration and Re-connection.

by Jessica Harrington As writers, we spend a lot of time with our heads buried in books, journals and legal pads or with our faces hidden behind computer screens. Whether we’re furiously writing or staring at blank pages waiting to turn thought into written word, we are forever tethered to our work. I cannot count … Continue reading

Summer Came Early

by Mackenzie Stickney            Summer is coming early this year. Spending last weekend sweating, dancing, and then crashing at the Southern Californian music festival, Coachella, was a thrilling vacation between spring break and summer; and, the fun doesn’t stop there. This weekend, April 28th, is the Butte WordFire Writing Conference right here in Chico: … Continue reading