What is a Peddler of Literary Art?

Created by writers for writers, The Haberdasher exists to connect you with the resources that will help you pursue your craft with passion and skill. For example, does “expressive drought” sound all too familiar? Writers everywhere share the experience of drifting into an eddy that spins us in slow circles. This spin may result from lack of inspiration, writer’s block, technical difficulties, or simple procrastination. Whatever the cause, The Haberdasher offers the following antidotes.

Peddler’s Thoughts & Literary Conversations

Do you need a mini-vacation from the Sisyphean task of getting the words just right in that work in progress? Then check out our Peddler’s Thoughts or join in our Literary Conversations, where we focus on topics that will provoke an exchange of ideas on everything from particular techniques to current literary debates.

Interviews & Reviews

If you’re feeling the need for a new perspective, our Interviews offer insights into the creative process and the publishing industry from authors, editors, and booksellers, and our Reviews offer a writer’s take on what is and isn’t working in films, plays, novels and poems. Not to mention we review events and books on the craft of writing, too, so check with us before you buy.

Tips & Events

Our selection doesn’t end there. We provide links to fellow peddlers who’s sites inspire us, plus Writing Tips of our own that will help you polish up a current work or make the next piece you write worthy of an acceptance letter. And, if you need a more lengthy vacation from your “desk” than a simple chat, our Calendar of Events will help you locate opportunities to explore the real world and gather inspiration from concerts, plays, readings, nature hikes, writing workshops, and much more.

Come Haggle with Us

We know that something worth writing, whether a new scenario, a new style, or a new character, often emerges when bantering with other writers. So, we encourage you to participate in the discussions, add your own comments to the conversations, send us Calendar items, or suggest topics for articles, tips, and interviews. We also welcome articles, reviews, and interviews: please visit our Contributions page for details.

While we hope you hang out with us frequently, The Haberdasher exists to get you back on the road to writing ASAP. We sincerely hope that each visit to our site will inspire you to return to that blank page (or screen) with which you promised to spend some quality time.  Even if you just drop by to read our Word and Quote of the Day as you take that first sip of coffee or morning air, we hope to set you on your way with words of encouragement and evocative new words to play with.

One Final Deal

From getting started to getting published, our goal is to help you make it happen. So, when you’ve finished that poem, story, play, or essay, check out the Submissions guidelines for Floodplane, the literary journal that honors the confluence between inspiration and craft.


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  1. Congratulations on the launch of your magazine. I look forward to reading it.

    Posted by Casey Huff | May 25, 2011, 9:14 pm

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