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“Immigration Made Me Into A Writer”: Interview with Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Advice to writers: read widely, write regularly, edit ruthlessly. Continue reading

Who Will Read What You Write?

by Erica German Writers everywhere should wonder:  Who will read my stories?  Will they like them?  How important is character development?  Setting?  But, will they ever ask themselves how old will their readers be?  Does it matter?  I say no-  it doesn’t matter! This summer I asked my daughter, Juliet, to choose a book that … Continue reading

What Book Would You Save?

by Jessica Harrington While spending time at Brain Pickings last night, I came across a review by Maria Popova on a book titled The Burning House: What would you take? by Foster Huntington. Huntington asked himself this question: What would you grab as you fled your burning home? He made a pile of what he … Continue reading

This Book is Not Yet Rated

by Jessica Harrington Rating systems are nothing new in our country. We have explicit lyric warnings on CD’s, age ratings on T.V. shows, video games, and movies. But what about books? Christian Science Monitor covered the most recent debate in an article titled, “Should young adult books have age ratings?” by Husna Haq. On BBC … Continue reading

One Writer’s Summer 2012 ‘Must Read’ List

by Erica German   Writers must be readers but that doesn’t mean when we are not writing, we are reading—just that we should be, right? I am obsessed with finding out what my favorite writers are reading and why.  Their reading journeys almost always include a few classic titles along with tomes written by their favorite … Continue reading

Are You a Writer? Become a Grant Writer and Save the World!

by Tempra Board I was lucky. I didn’t go to college to “learn a skill” or a trade, or because I wanted to “be” something, like a businessman, lawyer, doctor, or teacher. I simply wanted to learn. I loved reading and could write, and I ended up majoring in English. I soaked in amazing writing, … Continue reading

Where does motivation come from?

 by Mackenzie Stickney      I have several types of motivation that seem to have made sound lodgings; each gushing up from entirely different wells. The first is motivation that slowly crawls into my stomach when I’m starving for improvement and achievement. It isn’t until the final twinge of shame and regret fully settle that … Continue reading

The Importance of Character

by Erica German Think about your favorite story and you will probably find you are actually thinking about a character that stood out to you.  I recently saw, while watching television, a trailer for a new movie in which the lead female character caught my attention, reminding me of another character from a book I … Continue reading

Is it a temperament or trait?

by Erica German Most of us are familiar with the typical perception of artists; they are pouty, moody, mysteriously dark souls that live irresponsibly.  That is like saying all drunks are homeless beggars when in fact, many are functional alcoholics that go to work every day, contributing to society while suffering addiction.  Like these utilitarian … Continue reading

English degrees, what are they good for?

by Jessica Harrington I have often wondered if creativity is something one inherits, as they would a late grandmother’s ring, from the previous generation or is something we are genetically born with, like a small stature or pale skin. Is it that a creative persons brain perceives things in such a way that their imagination … Continue reading