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Summer Came Early

by Mackenzie Stickney

           Summer is coming early this year. Spending last weekend sweating, dancing, and then crashing at the Southern Californian music festival, Coachella, was a thrilling vacation between spring break and summer; and, the fun doesn’t stop there. This weekend, April 28th, is the Butte WordFire Writing Conference right here in Chico: complete with a nature walk and Nature
Writing workshop, both led by Dave Lukas, and Mark McKinnon’s Songcraft workshop. In brief: there is a lot to feel ‘summer-y’ about.

The better bands playing in the Coachella lineup had me thinking that well written lyrics are truly poetry. Well, I would like to think the Greats of the music world would agree too, and McKinnon will be offering a lyrical word of advice too for you future Greats out there. Here are some of the more poetic lyrics from bands that played at the Coachella Music Festival.You should share your own favorite lyrics with us, maybe even attend Mckinnon’s Songcraft workshop to make some of your own, and feel that warm summer sun sink in.

Let me be your everlasting light
A train goin’ ‘way from pain
Love is the coal
That makes this train roll
Let me be your everlasting light
– “Let Me Be You’re Everlasting Light” by The Black Keys
I heard the sad sound of words
Spoken from a beak of a wise old bird
Uptown, the streets are kept afloat
And that girl never leaves me alone
– “La Fete” by Beirut
Two headed boy
Put on sunday shoes
And dance round the room to accordion keys
With the needle that sings in your heart
Catching signals that sound in the dark
– “Two Headed Boy,” by Jeff Mangum

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