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Shriek, Wail, Growl: The 5th Annual Halloween Writing Contest

Greetings Ghouls, Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Denizens of the Night!

The Yuba College Literary Arts Club is Proud to Announce our Fifth Halloween Writing Contest! We’re accepting both 13-Word Horror Stories and Spell Poems.

Please send us your scariest, wickedest, or most clever 13-word horror stories. These are tales that are set to chill us to the bone (or perhaps set us laughing), but the catch is, they must be told in only 13 words, no more, no less. Not sure what we’re looking for? Check out the link below for past winners:

Break out your broomsticks, because we’d also love to see your best spell poems. What’s a spell poems? Think Macbeth, the weird sisters, and “Double, double toil and trouble; / Fire burn and cauldron bubble!” Your spell can be a recipe for anything, from plagues, warts, and transmogrification, to puppies, love, or the perfect cake. Here’s another example:

A hint of Austen, a dash of Poe,

Mix it up, and away we go!

Shakespeare and Dickens,

Papers and Quillpens!

To write most well

Is the purpose of this spell.

Oh muse of the night,

Sit down and write, write, write!!!

Deadline is Friday, October 26, 2018 12:00pm (midnight, aka the witching hour). To submit, visit:

Winners will be announced Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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Created by writers for writers, The Haberdasher, or le Hab, is your Peddler of Literary Art for Northern California and beyond. In addition to writing tips and literary debates, we also feature critical reviews and author interviews.


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