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2nd Annual Halloween Writing Contest: Halloween Haiku Candy

Next up in the 2nd Annual Halloween Writing Contest is the “Halloween Haiku” Category.

Wolf at the Door, Art by Laura Silva

Art by Laura Silva

Halloween haiku

Blending terror and creativity

Will you sleep again?

by Jeremiah Looney, Yuba College Literary Arts Club


Death’s Way

A loud, raspy scream

He took his last breath of air

Sounds of death echo

by Saajan Kandola, Andros Karperos Middle School

They Come

From under the bed,

to the corners of madness…

Monsters are coming.

by Marcus Igarashi, Yuba College


Hungry for Eyes

Ill eat your eye balls,

Children, adults, all ages…

Keep you in cages

by Kayla McQuay, Yuba College

Horrors of the Night

Running in the night

I have no fear of the dark

Just what lurks in it

by Madison Jellsey, Andros Karperos Middle School

You Cannot Leave Now

You cannot leave now

We entangle you in lies

To become the night

by Coryn Guynes, Yuba College

Behind the Shadows

Possessed, creepy, fowl

Something lurking in shadows

It’s coming towards me

by Jillian Coxe, Andros Karperos School

I like

I like pumpkin pie

Do not ever forget the cream

Or else you get the screams

by William Pacheco


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