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Ayşe Taşkıran: I Let the Subjects Find Me

by Jasmeen Bassi I was very pleased to interview Ayşe Taşkıran for the Habedasher’s WordSpring 2015 presenters series. Taşkıran uses art to create awareness of the beauty and the problems of the world. Throughout her travels, she has combined her many interests — painting, photography, and writing — to do just that. By finding kindness … Continue reading

Finn Kraemer: Rich and Lovely, Gritty and Painful

by Alexis Butcher For the fifth interview our series with WordSpring 2015 presenters, The Haberdasher spotlights novelist and teacher Finn Kraemer. Before becoming an English instructor at Butte College, Kraemer lived in various locales — the African bush, an Irish coastal village, the Saudi desert, small town America, and Los Angeles — and tackled a … Continue reading

Zu Vincent: Good Writing Takes Time, Sometimes a Lifetime

by Erica Valdez For the fourth installment of our WordSpring 2015 interviews, The Haberdasher caught up with novelist Zu Vincent. National Book Award winner Jacqueline Woodson says Vincent’s novel The Lucky Place, “takes your breath—then gently hands it back to you again,” and Vincent’s annual holiday fiction, published by the Chico News & Review, is … Continue reading

Erin McCabe: Write The Story You Want To Read

by Jasmeen Bassi I had the great pleasure of interviewing Erin McCabe, author of the novel I Shall Be Near To You, which follows Rosetta, a strong willed woman who disguises herself as a man to fight alongside her husband in the Civil War. There aren’t enough strong female heroines in literature. Especially, when it … Continue reading

Ken Letko: The Mulch Pile and Germinating the Next Project

by Alexis Butcher In the second installment of our WordSpring 2015 interviews, The Haberdasher is pleased to spotlight award-winning poet Ken Letko. Letko will be leading both a poetry and a publishing workshop at this year’s conference, on Saturday, April 25th. When he isn’t being nominated for the Pushcart Prize by both The North American … Continue reading