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Kathryn Gessner: ‘With Poetry, There is Joy’

by Chloe Butcher Kathryn Gessner will be a poetry workshop leader at the Wordfire 2014 creative writing conference at Butte College, Saturday, April 26. She received her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas, and then moved to the west coast to become a teacher at Shasta College. Gessner’s poetry has appeared in … Continue reading

Carrie Gordon Watson: Music, Magical Realism & ‘Stories that Engage or Enrage’

by Pavan Atwal On April 18, 2014 I was given the honor of interviewing the brilliant Carrie Gordon Watson, who will be leading the “I Know Vampires, And You, Sir, Are No Vampire” workshop at this year’s Wordfire Conference on April 26th at Butte College. Watson has many accomplishments under her belt, with many more to … Continue reading

Dan O’Brien: Editor, Writer, Storyteller

by Chloe Butcher The other day I had the pleasure of conversing with the extremely talented Dan O’Brien. He is an editor, writer, and publisher. Saturday, April 26, O’Brien will be a workshop leader and panelist at the WordFire creative writing conference, hosted by Butte College. Before O’Brien became the founder and editor-in-chief of Amalgam … Continue reading

Poetry & Testimony: Spelunking the Self

While poetry has played many roles over the centuries, at its best, it weaves history, politics, love, hate, fear, every aspect of life into a singular moment, a single conceit, a unified epic, complexity through simplicity. In honor of Poetry Month, and the role that we believe poetry can play in contemporary life, The Haberdasher … Continue reading

Student Salon: Using Surrealist Techniques to Break Down Creative Barriers

by Jessica Harrington This last weekend was the first ever Wordfire writing conference at Butte College. We had an amazing turnout to accompany the wonderful workshops, food, and good vibes that filled the day. Us Haberdashers took part in the workshop fun and held our very own student salon where we focused on overcoming writing … Continue reading

“Almost everything you thought you knew is wrong.” Stoppard’s Arcadia

by K. Koenig When I sat down last Saturday in the 1078 Gallery to watch Rogue Theatre’s presentation of Tom Stoppard’s, Arcadia, it had been quite some time since I’d read the play. I did, however, vividly remember one exchange from the opening scene. Thomasina Coverly (Ashley Garlick), a young woman ahead of her time … Continue reading

Zu Vincent: Welcomes You to the World of YA

by le Hab At le Hab, we often hear people ask, “What’s YA?” So, we were delighted to see Zu Vincent’s workshop, titled “Is Your Novel So Yesterday? Uncover Today’s YA!” on the list of Wordfire offerings. Vincent, whose YA (read Young Adult) novel, The Lucky Place, has appeared on awards lists each year since … Continue reading

Butte College Reading Series: April 2012

by Erica German What can I say about the Butte College Reading Series?  Once again, it showcased three incredibly talented authors.  This time, Rob Davidson, Troy Jollimore, and Susan Wooldridge entertained Butte College students and members of the community in the student lounge of Butte College’s Chico Center on April 19, 2012.  Each gave a … Continue reading

Molly Emmons: Advocate for Writers’ Groups

by Mackenzie Stickney I sat down with Molly Emmons, novel writing group extraordinaire, to pick her brain about her upcoming workshop at the WordFire Conference: The Care and Feeding of a Writers’ Group. She told me some great stories from her college years: romances, choosing majors, and bizarre parties (future articles are pending), and gave … Continue reading

Susan Wooldridge: Making Friends of Words and Writers of All Ages

by Erica G. German Poemcrazy and Foolsgold are two of her many published works.  I am speaking of Susan Wooldridge.  Her Poemcrazy is in its twenty-third publishing and is used in writing programs across the country. It is probably her best known published work. Then, there is Foolsgold, which presents an inspiring and friendly approach … Continue reading