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A Spoonful of Laughter Makes the Medicine Go Down: A Review of A.J. Jacobs’ Drop Dead Healthy

by Tempra Board Laughing is good for your health, which is why you should read humor writer and self-experimenter A.J. Jacobs’ newest book, Drop Dead Healthy. I’m a fan of Jacobs. I first discovered him while standing in the humor aisle at Barnes and Noble one Christmas, looking for a book for my stepdad. The … Continue reading

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Who Has the Most Girl-Power of Them All?

Originally posted on Something to Read for the Train:
Below is a freelance article I wrote after the release of Snow White and the Huntsman. Though it didn’t get picked up for publication this round (among other reasons, the fact that I misspelled the name of the magazine’s editor in the email wasn’t a winning…

Lessons in Writing from American History X

by Jesse Davis American History X is a drama film directed by Tony Kaye in 1998. The film tells the story of Derek and Danny Vinyard, two brothers involved in a neo-Nazi gang known as the D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ).Derek; the older of the two brothers founded the gang after their father was gunned down … Continue reading

Uneasy About Madmen

by Erica German Episode after episode, the hit TV show, Madmen, provoked an unsettled feeling within. After discussing it with my colleagues, feeling even more unsettled, I watched another episode, searching for the answer to why it seemed so disturbing—the show is essentially, boring.  Still, no answer that I could easily put into words would … Continue reading

Noah Lukeman Says It the Write Way

by Robyn Stafford As a writer I crave knowledge to understand ways to become not ‘just’ a writer, but an excellent writer who has confidence in my work. Having struggled with learning challenges due to a head injury, I have come to know my weaknesses and take joy in my strengths. My desire is to … Continue reading

Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’: A Must Read for the Aspiring Writer

by Jesse Davis Stephen King’s On Writing begins with a message from Mr. King assuring the reader that what they have in their hands is not a biography, but a trade book designed to help them learn from his experiences and develop into a stronger writer. He also makes recommendations towards some other books that … Continue reading

Student Salon: Using Surrealist Techniques to Break Down Creative Barriers

by Jessica Harrington This last weekend was the first ever Wordfire writing conference at Butte College. We had an amazing turnout to accompany the wonderful workshops, food, and good vibes that filled the day. Us Haberdashers took part in the workshop fun and held our very own student salon where we focused on overcoming writing … Continue reading

“Almost everything you thought you knew is wrong.” Stoppard’s Arcadia

by K. Koenig When I sat down last Saturday in the 1078 Gallery to watch Rogue Theatre’s presentation of Tom Stoppard’s, Arcadia, it had been quite some time since I’d read the play. I did, however, vividly remember one exchange from the opening scene. Thomasina Coverly (Ashley Garlick), a young woman ahead of her time … Continue reading

Butte College Reading Series: April 2012

by Erica German What can I say about the Butte College Reading Series?  Once again, it showcased three incredibly talented authors.  This time, Rob Davidson, Troy Jollimore, and Susan Wooldridge entertained Butte College students and members of the community in the student lounge of Butte College’s Chico Center on April 19, 2012.  Each gave a … Continue reading

Butte College Reading Series: March 2012

by Debbie Stearns            I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event on the evening of Thursday, March 8, 2012. An evening of creative writing was held at the Chico Center. Butte College associate faculty Sarah Knowlton, Jen White, and Corey Gruber each read one of their literary works.             Sarah Knowlton read a … Continue reading