Faces of The Haberdasher


Novelist? Poet? Essayist? Why choose? Kiara Koenig loves language, imagery, and an engaging narrative. She wants poetry “that is death-shaded, insecure, funny, tough. …that says to God, ‘I’m doing the best I can—what the hell more do you want from me?’” (D. Barresi). And prose that is “the perfect fist of words, melody, distortion, hope, beauty, and meaningful violence” (M. Ryan). Recently, Kiara has presented at AWP, published with Smart Pop, and won prizes for both fiction and poetry. She is the managing editor of Floodplane, an associate professor at Yuba College, and addicted to tennis.


Pavan Atwal, art by Laura SilvaPavan Atwal is an English major at Yuba College. After earning an associates in literature she hopes to go to either Stanford or Berkley for both her bachelors then masters. After obtaining a masters in literature, she hopes to become an English professor and continue writing. She has a love for words and the way they can convey both fiction and non-fiction messages and ideas. She feels as if literature has the power to inspire people and also open an entirely different world for others.

Jasmeen Bassi, or Jassi, is going to school to achieve a degree in both English and Psychology, and hopes to use these degrees in order to become a college professor. She is working on a poetry book called “You Exist” and is finishing up her last semester at Yuba College. Jassi is a firm believer in her personal motto: “Words are as powerful as we make them tleHabpix005o be.” She is someone who chooses her words carefully in order to create something worth saying or writing. One of Jassi’s favorite poets is Kahlil Gibran, and she credits him for being the first poet she has ever felt made sense to her- personally. “Our mind is a sponge; our heart is a stream. Is it not strange that most of us choose sucking rather than running?” (K. Gibran) She admits most of the time, she does choose to suck (learn) rather than run (live) because she knows that the knowledge she acquires will lead her to follow her heart. The more she learns about life; the more she tends to just live it honestly by her own. Apart from her love of music, sports, art, and words she hopes to travel the world as much as possible. She has traveled to India, Singapore, South Korea, England, and Canada, but hopes to travel to France, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Greece, and lastly Thailand.  To find out more about Jassi you can email her at Jassi_Bassi12@hotmail.com.

Tempra Board is a professional grant writer for environmental and conservation organizations, arts groups, and health and human service agencies (www.tempraboard.com). She earned her MA in English from Colorado State University and her BA in English from Humboldt State University. Because she must remain politically (and politely) correct in her daily work life, Tempra lets out her creative, bawdy, and immature side at temprasays. She lives in Chico and is currently being trained in relaxation techniques by her expert-in-residence: a fat, fluffy gray cat named Cosmo.

Chloe Butcher, art by Laura Silva

Chloe Butcher wants to live in a world where you can eat Ben & Jerry’s and never gain weight, gender equality is a reality not a movement, and movies are as good as the book.  Chloe has been a student at Yuba College for almost two years, but only recently discovered the wonders of Shakespeare. Because hey, that stuff can be pretty hard to understand despite the timeless message. She hopes to transfer to UC Santa Barbara next year as an English major. Where she is excited to learn more about writing and analyzing great texts and plays. When she’s not studying her little heart out or working hard at the biggest fast-food chain in America (McDonald’s), you can usually find her watching obscene amounts of television without a trace of shame or taking her Siberian Husky on long walks.


Jodi Scheer Hernandez was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and finally, at age 38, decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. She has been an avid reader since the age of two and loves the use of language and words. Jodi is currently an English major at Yuba College and an activist within the surrounding community. She looks forward to obtaining her Bachelors degree in English with a possible minor in Sociology from CSU Sacramento and continuing her education toward her Masters, while teaching middle school or high school English, preferably to students in poverty stricken, low-income, and diverse communities.

Erica Valdez was born and raised in Northern California, and currently lives in Live Oak. She has been attending Yuba College for three years, and is majoring in Mass Communication. She is a writer and illustrator; she writes poetry and stories. She hopes to someday to turn her book into a film. “Dream big, work hard, stay focused & surround yourself with good people.”


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